Little bits of business wisdom.

You’ll find good advice, great ideas and thoughtful common sense in these short videos and not one of them will take up more than a few minutes of your time.

What’s the basic job of your business? The answer may surprise you, while also helping to transform your sales and profit.

This simple briefing method clarifies your thinking and gets better work out of agencies or in-house creatives.

There are so many things to say about your brilliant products and services! But don’t. Limit your messages to one thought, one subject, one promise.

Do your customers travel their journey alone or does your brand guide and mentor them along the way?

How do you get to really understand your customers? Here’s some sage advice from Native Americans.

Do you really understand teenagers? No, neither do we, but these tips and caveats will help if they’re among your audiences.

Sometimes, making different products than your competitors isn’t enough, you also have to make different products than the ones you made last year...

Your customers are assailed by thousands of messages, distractions and demands on their time and attention every day. What can you do to cut through?

Millennials, Generation X, Generation Z. What do these cohort labels mean for marketeers?

Are you making the most of online and social channels? Here’s one way to look at content that will liven up your stats and ultimately your sales.

How do you get the best out of experts and advisers? How do you make those expensive consultancy fees seem like good value?

A cautionary tale that will help you make your ads, social media posts and website content more interesting to customers and prospects.

If you listen really carefully, you can hear what makes your customers tick. But you have to listen hard...

Getting new customers is like going to a singles party. How do you start a conversation? How do you turn it into a relationship?

Be honest now. Go to your website and check if you get excited. Is it as bright and attractive as your ads and promotions? Does it expand and enhance your campaigns?

Here’s a tip that will transform the effectiveness of your business reports – especially the ones where you want a bigger budget from the board!