Question: What is the primary function of your business?
Answer: The acquisition and maintenance of customers.

We help you get and keep more customers

Every business needs more customers (whether you call them that or refer to them as consumers). J44 helps you put this first and foremost in your planning.
It was Professor Theodore Levitt of Harvard Business School who first put forward what is our No 1 rule:

The primary function of every business is:

The acquisition and maintenance of customers.

The principals of J44 have followed this rule for many years and by doing so, have helped some of the world’s top brands to succeed and grow.

We can do the same for you, whether you’re an established brand or a cash-strapped startup aiming for rapid expansion.

We’ll help with the fundamentals – your proposition, differential, brand and strategy or, if you have all that sorted, we’re also experts at producing effective, well-targeted marketing materials.

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